Beaverton, OR Farmers Market recommendation

I received this in an email from a high school classmate this morning and wanted to share it in case any of you are going to be in the Beaverton, OR area this weekend. Unfortunately, like so many Farmers Markets this one closes for the winter months.

“Enjoyed reading your Farmer’s Market blog. Good info. The best Farmer’s Market I have been to is in Beaverton, Oregon ( ). It’s open May through October (we are going up this weekend so if it isn’t pouring rain we will get to the last one of the season). It’s a big one with lots of good stuff from throughout the region. Fresh fruits and veggies, lots of flowers both cut for bouquet and ones to plant including succulents and trees. Also, lots of food stalls and gelato and breads, pastries, etc. I love all the flowers. If you are ever in Beaverton definitely worth a visit on a Saturday morning.”


California Farmers Market Finder app for iPhone

An iPhone app to find over 500 farmers’ markets in California. This is the best farmers’ market app I have found as it is easy to navigate, interactive and responsive, and mostly up-to-date. You cannot find a better deal as the app is also free. Bravo California Farmers’ Market Finder!

Posted by David Gerhard on 10/26/09

California Farmers’ Market Finder App for your iPhone

Sacramento Farmers Market, 8th & W Streets 10/25/09



After a beautiful, very early, morning birding trip to the Cosumnes River Preserve my sis and I stopped at my local hangout on Sunday mornings, the Farmers Market at 8th and W streets, underneath Highway 80. This is a very large, year round, market that has great prices and an exceptional selection of Asian produce. There’s a wide variety of fruits and produce to choose from. You’ll also find vendor’s selling fish, oysters, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese, breads, rice, mushrooms, flowers and native plants. Seasonal selections of note that will be around for a little while that I saw Sunday were, fresh brussel sprouts, still on the stalk, from the Monterey area, pomegranates whole and some seeded so you don’t need to deal with the mess, and Feijoa or  Pineapple Guava. We bought lemongrass, baby bok choy, crimini mushrooms, green beans, onions, garlic, scallions, leeks, Japanese sweet potatoes, and some baby sized red potatoes. The market’s open from  8 to 1.

A favorite recipe for the brussel sprouts is to cut them in half and toss them with a nice virgin olive oil a little salt and pepper and roast them at 375 until they are browned and pierce easily. Brussel sprouts are also delicious when you slice them thinly and stir fry them till tender then season with salt, pepper and fresh chopped thyme and a squeeze of lemon juice.

If you’ve never tried the Feijoa or pineapple guava ask for a sample. They are definitely worth a try. It’s sweet and the flavor is a combination of pineapple and guava or pineapple and strawberry. They have a very short season so if you see them try them cuz they may not be there next week.

Just saw a recipe for Cranberry pomegranate sauce in the Nov issue of Sunset magazine that I think I try. Sounds like a winning combination. Will let you know if it’s as good as it sounds.

To find more information on Sacramento’s Farmers Markets go to ( farmersmkts.htm ). If you’ve been to one of the other Sacramento Farmers Markets and saw or bought something you’d like to share please let me know. I’m always looking to learn about something new and would love to share it.


Davis Farmers Market 10/24/09

This past Saturday sister #2 and I headed out early to the Davis Farmers Market. Our mission, Pilar’s pork tamales for breakfast.  We have been enjoying this little delicacy for many years and the best thing about them, outside of them just being the best tamale’s ever,  is that they have remained consistent in quality over a very long time. These beauties are moist and succulent and the sauce that she offers as a topping is definitely, in our opinion, the “icing on the cake”. The other tamale selections are good too, as is the breakfast burrito, but our favorite is the pork. Once we had satisfied our tamale craving we did a slow cruz  through the market to see what we could find to incorporate into the lunch we had packed to take up to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge ( index.cfm?id=81619 ). We decided on some crisp red flame and  very sweet Thompson seedless grapes, an individual size flourless chocolate cake and a little pumpkin pie slice. We also picked up two very nice small sized (just enough for one person) butternut squash from Good Humus ( ) and some Peony starts from Diane Madison of Yolo Bulb Farm ( yolo_bulb_farm ). I also had a nice conversation with Diane regarding some quince I have been experimenting with. She said hers aren’t ripe yet but that she will be putting some up and will have them at the market probably middle of next month. I tried some last year and they were so good. Just  smashed the pieces in their syrup, warmed it up, and served it over vanilla ice cream. Adding a sprinkling of toasted sliced almonds adds a nice crunch. Simple and very yummy.

Davis Farmers Market ( is open all year round. Check them out some Saturday morning between 8 and 1 and be sure to enjoy a tamale or breakfast burrito while your there.