A fresh start!

Well, I don’t know what possessed me to do this. Perhaps it’s my passion for Farmer’s Markets. I have been going to my local Farmer’s Market since the 1980’s. When ever I travel I always check to see if there is a local market that I can visit. I have been to markets that consist of as few as three vendors to ones that go on for blocks. They are all unique and marvelous both in their content and the colorful folks, those who sell and those there to buy. This passion for the freshest produce probably comes from being raised in California and from being from a family who sometimes grew their own veggies and raised their own meat.

Anyway, I decided that there have to be more folks out there that have this same passion and I want to connect with you and learn from you. I will share the Farmers Markets I visit on a weekly basis. Where they are, when they are open and what I found there.  Follow me on my weekly quest for fresh and let me know what you are finding at your local Farmers Market.



4 thoughts on “A fresh start!

  1. Ann, why don’t you come to the studio some afternoon with your laptop (or I can use mine). Since both of my blogs are on wordpress, I think I have figured out the “dummies guide”. It’s really pretty user friendly, but I can show you how to do the links, photos, and widgets. And honestly, if you just poke around, you’ll figure it out.


  2. Ann, welcome to the blogosphere. I want to introduce you to my friend Joanne Neft, in Auburn. She founded the Placer County Farmer’s Market’s and is an amazing and inspiring (and feisty) woman!

    I hope you’ll add recipes too! Especially for winter stuff.

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    In the spirit of the blog,


    • Thanks Kim. It would be wonderful if I knew what I was doing. Frustrating myself so far. Seems like it should be so much easier. I probably picked the most complicated format to begin with. Practice, practice, practice and PATIENCE. Have been to the FM in Placerville several times on my up to Nevada. Wonderful little market. Would love to meet Joanne sometime. Love feisty women. They are inspiring. Any help you want to offer will be greatly appreciated.


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