Beaverton, OR Farmers Market recommendation

I received this in an email from a high school classmate this morning and wanted to share it in case any of you are going to be in the Beaverton, OR area this weekend. Unfortunately, like so many Farmers Markets this one closes for the winter months.

“Enjoyed reading your Farmer’s Market blog. Good info. The best Farmer’s Market I have been to is in Beaverton, Oregon ( ). It’s open May through October (we are going up this weekend so if it isn’t pouring rain we will get to the last one of the season). It’s a big one with lots of good stuff from throughout the region. Fresh fruits and veggies, lots of flowers both cut for bouquet and ones to plant including succulents and trees. Also, lots of food stalls and gelato and breads, pastries, etc. I love all the flowers. If you are ever in Beaverton definitely worth a visit on a Saturday morning.”



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