Help! I can’t find the recipe.

crimini mushrooms

crimini mushrooms

Sunday morning had me at the market a little before 8. I had volunteered to help plant some native plants at Cosumnes River Preserve at 9 so that didn’t leave much time to shop and make the half-hour drive. One of the reasons I really wanted to go to the market, besides I just love going there, was to get some Japanese sweet potatoes. I had decided that they would be perfect in a vegetable lasagna that I wanted to prepare for a potluck that I am going to on Friday. So I head straight for the vendor who has the potatoes and guess what. She’s not there. There’s just an empty space where she should be. Since I didn’t have a lot of time to waste, I decided to cruise the market and see what else sparked my creative culinary juices. On my rounds I saw lots of beautiful winter squash, but I did something with them last time we had a potluck. I stopped by the Hood Ranch stand and picked up some nice fuji apples and bartlett pears. I needed to buy some fruit for the week. Still looking, I spied mushrooms. I love mushrooms. I’ll make some stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. I have a great recipe. I bought a pound. On the way out I found some beautiful red flame grapes and bought a couple pounds of those too. It was time to hit the road.

This morning I went through my recipes looking for the stuffed mushrooms. I thought it would be nice to include the recipe in the blog. I couldn’t find it! This is frustrating cuz I consider myself organized. It should be here, but it’s not. Then I got the idea to just Google stuffed mushrooms. After spending some time going through the search items I wasn’t really thrilled with any of them. Now the frustration is really festering. So I thought I’ll just start working on my blog anyway. I can always add a recipe later. Now as I’m typing and thinking, I think I should really do some research in my cookbook collection. And, hey what about emailing a couple of my foodie friends for recipes. And then it occurs to me. This blog is going out to who knows where. There are unlimited possibilities as to getting recipes. All I have to do is ask! So, do any of you, out there in the blogosphere  have a recipe for stuffed mushrooms that you want to share? The potluck is Friday night.





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