Reusable Bags For Your Produce?

Of course, I always take my market basket when I go to the Farmers Market. I’ve been using the same basket for thirty years now. But I can’t always put the produce I buy in my basket without first putting it in one of those vendor provided  plastic bags. I really hate having to use those plastic bags. A lot of the time I just tell the vendor I don’t need a bag but sometimes that just doesn’t work well. Say like when you buy a basket of cherry tomatoes and the vendor wants to keep the basket. Well guess what there’s a green alternative to the plastic produce bag. I found this wonderful little blog by Internet Therapy, the little blog of morganhaines:graphicdesign(er) that speaks to this same theme. Check it out. I’m going to order some bags from Baggus and will let you know what I think. Check out On The Bag Wagon and if you decide to try out any of the bags, please let me know which ones you choose, and how you liked, or disliked, them.


4 thoughts on “Reusable Bags For Your Produce?

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  3. Hey Ann – thanks so much for linking to my post. I have a ton of Baggu bags but no produce bags. You’ll have to let me know how the mesh one works out for you!

    • Thanks so much for your great post. I’ll let you know how they work. Loved that you are a graphic designer. I was married to one for 36 yrs and was a studio manager for 23. Still hang out with a lot of designers and love seeing their posts about design.

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