Roasted Pears

baked pears

my version of baked pears

In my reading travels tonight I came upon an interesting blog called Real Food Rehab and on it was a link to a delightful recipe for roasted pears. The recipe was from a blog called the The Improvised Life . A blog about making and creating with whatever is at hand  –  improvising as a daily practice (their words).  Making do with what you have (my words). So the article talks about roasting pears with a bit of sugar, lemon juice, butter and a split vanilla bean, or even using herbs such as thyme. They are baked until they become tender and caramelized, with a concentrated pear flavor. There is a nice list of suggested uses for the finished product. One of my favorites was; served warm in a shallow bowl with creme anglaise, whipped cream, creme fraiche or fine vanilla ice cream and/or a plain butter cookie. On a drizzly evening like tonight that sounds incredibly good. Think I’ll get more than a couple of pears when I go to the farmers market this weekend. This sounds like something that needs to be explored. Here’s the link for roasted pears for sweet or savory improvisations . Let me know what improvisation you came up with.


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