Farmer’s Markets and Plastic Bags

This morning while doing some research I came across an article by francesdea, another wordpress blogger that I want to share with you.  Her topic, Farmer’s Markets and Plastic Bags is one that seems to be being discussed more often. It’s a topic close to my heart and one I hope that we will be able to soon resolve.

Here are some things that I do to reduce my use of plastic bags. I always carry a market basket or a canvas bag to the market. I request that vendors give me their produce without placing it in a bag, when ever I can. I also reuse plastic bags that I do receive as much as I can before recycling them. And most recently, I ordered some of the reusable produce bags discussed in my 11/4 post and am awaiting their arrival.

What are you doing to reduce the use of plastic bags? Do you have local sites that recycle plastic bags?. Do you recycle the plastic bags that you receive?


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