Capay Valley Regional Farmers Market 11/14

DSCN2753 I decided yesterday that I would swing by the Capay Valley Regional Farmers Market, out in Esparto, on my way north to do a little birding at Colusa National Wildlife Refuge and Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge. So, I was up early, made breakfast and packed a lunch for a day on the road. I also decided I needed to pack some music for the road,  my camera, the market basket and my new reusable produce bags (they arrived yesterday), my binoculars and spotting scope and a couple of bird books.  Looked more like I’m was movin out than just going for a day long outing.  All loaded up I hit the road. I decided to take the River Road out of West Sac to Woodland cuz it’s much prettier than driving on the freeway. Slower too, which was how I wanted my day to be.

After a pleasant one hour drive I arrived in Esparto where the weather was brisk and the market, which was smaller than I had expected, was in full swing complete with a country western band. I took a walk though, camera in hand. I took some photos, and chatted with some of the producers and artists then headed back to the car for my basket and, of course, my new reusable produce bags. I bought some nice produce from Full Belly Farm and pomegranates and pomegranate jelly from Cathy Roth who said she had picked the pomegranates from a bush in her yard early this morning. Now that’s fresh.



Here’s something to put on your calendar. They are having Holiday Market December 12. It will be held INDOORS at the Esparto Fire Station so don’t worry about the weather. There will be a wonderful selection of local arts, crafts and specialty foods, as well as healthy fresh produce for sale. Put it on your calendar and don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy and share the bounty of the beautiful Capay Valley region and get some holiday shopping done too!

The market is open the 2nd Saturday of each month, 9 am to noon, April thru December.


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