17 Million Households Are Food Insecure-So What Can I do About It?

Yesterday morning I read a blog by author, consultant, and online marketer, David Becker titled You and I Call It Hunger; USDA Calls It Food Insecurity. His first sentence of the article was “What’s your Reaction?” Well, my first reaction was outrage. The richest country in the world should not have one in six households going hungry, even in this economy. America feeds the world. Why aren’t we feeding our own people?  My second reaction was one of compassion. I know how it feels to be hungry, to have nothing, or very little to eat. My third reaction, “How can we all help?” Well, I think I have a few ideas on “How can we help?”  Answering the question about why we aren’t feeding our own people is a much larger question that I think we should all be thinking long and hard on.

You can read the staggering statistics on Food Insecurity in David\’s article, or the USDA report.

Let’s all help make a difference. Here are a few ideas.

  1. Support small local farmers by buying a share in a CSA. If you know a family in need, buy a CSA share for them as a direct gift.
  2. Donate to Feeding America. Feeding America is a network of 200 food banks in 50 states that distributes more than 2 billion pounds of donated groceries annually to 63,000 local charitable agencies.
  3. Donate to/and or volunteer at your local food bank that my not be a member of Feeding America. You can find a list for California Food Banks here.
  4. Support community garden programs in urban areas.
  5. Donate extra fruit or veggies that you have grown to your local food bank or community organizations that feed the hungry.
  6. Donate to/and or volunteer with, community or faith based organizations who feed the hungry.
  7. Participate in walks, runs and cycling events that raise money to feed the hungry.
  8. Don’t wait for local, state or federal government to take care of this. People who are hungry need help now.
  9. Take every opportunity to give what ever you can. Every dollar donated or hour spent volunteering will help!

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