A Gift From The Farmers Market

When I travel to stay with relatives or friends I like to bring along a little “hostess” gift. Sometimes I bring them something I have made, like jam or some almond brittle. But sometimes, I like to purchase a little something from a local producer or artisan at my local Farmers Market. With that in mind, I did a little research, at my local Farmers’ Market ( listed as Sacramento Central here), last Sunday to see what was available. Quite a bit, actually. Here are a few of the items I saw that caught my eye.

One of my favorite booths, to check out, is Woodsong Herbs. I love plants and can spend hours just looking around a nursery, so this little booth really draws me in. The plants are beautiful and there is always have something creative and unique, like their beautiful herbal wreaths. What a unique gift that would make. I also really loved the colorful little herb baskets, a nice little selection of herbs planted in a colorful, reusable, basket. Who wouldn’t love one of these. Woodsong Herbs is located inGarden Valley, El Dorado County. They are at the Sunrise Mall market on Saturday and the Sacramento market on Sunday.

A couple of booths down from Woodsong Herbs was ‘R’ Farm & Nursery. This is the producer who had the beautiful seasonal wreaths that I talked about in my Nov 8 post. This time I had my camera so now you’ll know what I was going on and on about. Now, if I could just figure out a way to let you smell how fresh and aromatic they are.  The wreath in the picture consists of a base of Fir, Cedar, Juniper and Manzanita that is decorated with pine cones, red berries, red chili peppers, rose hips, pomegranates, and Eucalyptus leaves. It’s one of the larger ones, 26″ – 28″. There are three sizes offered. They will also do custom orders. An incredible gift for yourself or someone special.

Next stop was Glashoff Farms. This family has been farming in the Suisun Valley for more than 100 years. They offer a variety of jams, jellies, marmalades and syrups, all made on the farm. They come in individual jars or you can buy a nicely packaged selection of three delicious homemade, low sugar, preserves and marmalades. Be sure to taste test. It’s all delicious and would be a welcome gift for just about anyone.

Next door to Glashoff Farms was Pedrozo Diary & Cheese Company from Orland. This family-owned dairy produces high-quality, great-tasting cheese. Their “semi-firm” cheeses are made from raw milk from grass-fed cows. Each of their cheeses originated from an Old World-style recipe that started with their Northern Gold, a golden, buttery, nutty cheese perfect for snacking or cooking.  Other varieties are; Blondie’s Best, Bubbly Cow, Stout Cow, Tipsy Cow and Black Butte Reserve, which won a gold medal for aged hard cheeses at the 2007 California State Fair. You’ll want to taste them all before you have them pack up your favorites in a nice little gift box. A wonderful gift to give during the holidays.

Another interesting booth was The Lavender Farm In Lincoln California. I talked to Jerre, who with his wife Lesa, raises over 100 different types of lavender at their farm in Lincoln. They have a wide variety of beautiful products to choose from. Lavender spray and essential oil, lavender dryer bags and sachets, potpourri, infused salt and sugar, Herbes de Provence and even some luscious lavender honey. As you can see they are packaged beautifully.  Anyone of these would make a wonderful “hostess” gift and most were small enough to easily tuck into a suitcase.

As I mentioned before, these are just a few of the choices I found at my local Farmers’ Market (listed as Sacramento Central on this link) this past weekend. Get creative with your holiday shopping. Think local. Think Farmers’ Market.  It’s really a great place to shop. There’s a list of links to markets in the Sacramento and surrounding regions under Blogroll on this page.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some more winter squash recipes. Hope you’ll join me again, then.


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