Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market 11/25

I recently returned from a visit to San Diego where I spent Thanksgiving with my aunt and several cousins. Before I headed down south, I researched Farmers’ Markets in the area that we might be able to visit. I found an evening market in Ocean Beach that sounded pretty good so I proposed the idea of a visit the eve before Thanksgiving to the gang. “Sounds good” was the reply.  And, so it was that we headed out on the eve before Thanksgiving to explore the Ocean Beach Farmers\’ Market.

The first thing we saw as we approached the market was the llamas. If you’ve got little folks with you, who are under 75 lbs & 4 ft tall, they can take a llama ride. We didn’t have anyone who fit that description. But, there were some little folks who did and they were already taking a ride  so we spent a few minutes watching them before we headed out to explore the rest of the market. Like so many of the evening markets, this one has a festive atmosphere, like that of a street fair. There was a wonderful mix of things to see, to taste, to smell, to touch, and to hear.

There definitely was some incredible produce to choose from, we bought some green beans, baby carrots and baby chard. We also tasted humus from a vendor who had so many choices you could get full by just tasting. As we wandered along, I saw a sign for tamales, which I love. But, then I saw they also had something called a chili relleno taco. OK, even though we were going out to dinner, I said to myself, I have to try this. It was sooooooo yummy. I’m still thinking about that taco and hoping that I’ll get another chance to try one again.
We stopped several times to listen to various musicians and chat with vendors offering samples to taste. Half way down the block we marveled at the people gathered around the mini donut booth. We didn’t try any but from the length of the line they must be a favorite. My cousin ventured down a little side street lined with artisans with hand crafted items. She bought a beautiful hand crocheted hat that was her favorite color.

If you looking for a great way to spend an evening in San Diego check out the Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market. I know I’ll be headed back next trip down that way.


One thought on “Ocean Beach Farmers’ Market 11/25

  1. I know the food vendors are all so tempting it’s hard not to have a smorgasbord of tasty things! I had a tamale at the Hillcrest market last weekend, and it was really good. OB has so much character, and the market really brings it out. There were llamas, need I say more? 🙂

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