Simple Lunch With A Friend

Today, I decided to grill a chicken I had just bought. I had purchased it in its whole state instead of pieces so I could save some money. An important thing for me these days. Since I was going to grill all of it I decided I’d invite a friend of mine over for a simple lunch, grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, and fried smashed potatoes.

The chicken was easy, I split it into halves and rubbed them down with a nice garlic-flavored olive oil, then placed them on the grill over low heat. I figured it would take a good hour to roast them this way.

Once I put the chicken on the grill, I put some really fresh, small sized, red skinned potatoes into some water to cook. They take about 20 minutes to become soft enough to pierce easily with a fork. I wanted the potatoes to be done before the chicken so they could cool down a bit. After they were cooled down, I placed them in between layers of a dishtowel* and smash them gently with the palm of my hand till they are about 1/4″ thick.  Next I fry the little potato patties in olive oil, in a nonstick pan until they are nicely browned and crispy. Then I flip them over and brown the other side. When they are done I remove them to paper towels to remove any excess olive oil, then I sprinkle them lightly with a little sea salt. These little beauties are so delicious, crispy outside and soft and creamy inside. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I have served them that there weren’t rave reviews and requests for “how I made them”.

The broccoli was a nice little head I had just bought at the Farmers’ Market. I cut it into small portions and steamed it until it was “crisp-tender”. It was served without butter or oil. When you start with the best and keep it simple, your food will always turn out delicious. We enjoyed our meal at the table in the kitchen where the french doors had been opened wide, letting in the warm afternoon sun.

*Note: I have found that when I have tried smashing the potatoes between sheets of paper towel that the paper tends to stick to the potato. The cloth doesn’t stick.


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