Davis Farmers’ Market Free Holiday Gift Basket Central

I headed out early Saturday morning, across the causeway through the cold tule fog, to the Davis Farmers’ Market. It certainly was dreary out  but, I was feeling great and  in a holiday shopping mood. The market was already a buzz with lots of shoppers when I arrived. I chose Davis because I can’t think of another market in my area that has the variety they have; great fruit and produce, fresh seafood and meats, baked items, dried fruits, honey,  herbs, plants and flowers, just to name a few. Then, there are the crafts. Everything from ceramics, clothing, dolls, fabric arts, jewelry and metal works to woodwork and candles. And, finally there are the Socio-Political Community Groups. Don’t be put off by this title. There are some wonderful groups representing some very worthy and important causes. Grant High School’s Eat From The Garden Salsa was one  of these groups. I’ll tell you about them a little later. If all of that isn’t enough to peak your interest here’s something that might.  They have a service, at the market,  they call “Gift Basket Central”. This great idea lets you shop the market for the items you want, then you take them to the Gift Basket Central tent, located in the middle of the market by the deck under the big Oak tree, where they wrap them for free. Now that’s service.

I’ll have to admit there is another reason I chose Davis. I lived in Davis for many years and during that time I shopped the Davis Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning.  It’s also a place where I have always done part of my holiday shopping. So, this year was no different. Here is just a sampling of some of the places I shopped. For obvious reasons I can’t tell you everything but here’s some tips I can share.

English Hills Soap Company
Oh, what beautiful products they have. They are all  hand crafted and natural as can be. The soaps and skin care products are all made from goat milk and are available in various fragrances, including my favorite Plumeria. They also have fragrance-free. They’re gift baskets are really nice.

Fiddyment Farms
Wow, where to start, these guys have the greatest gourmet pistachios. They come in savory and sweet flavors as well as lightly salted and salt free. They also have pistachio butter and my favorite the Butter Toffee Kernels. If they don’t have what you’re looking for at the market, you can order from their website.

Good Humus
I have been shopping for holiday gifts from Good Humus for as long as I can remember. I love their beautiful handmade wreaths and the lavender wands. They also make some of the best homemade jams, jellies and syrups. Try the Nectarine Ginger Jam. It’s great brushed on grilled chicken or spooned onto hot buttery biscuits. They also have some very nice herbal teas as well as a variety of dried fruits and herbs.

Towani Organic Farms
Check out the unique herbal wreaths here. I know that this picture doesn’t do justice to their products but it gives you a visual of what to look for. Through my years of shopping at this market Towani Organic Farm is one of the farmers I have always frequented. Their quality is outstanding and their wreaths are beautiful and last for a very long time.

BJ & Leslie Nursery
Another of my favorite stops. They have the best deals on plants. Right now, the cyclamen and the azaleas are really great, and the Christmas cactus is worth a look too.

Yolo Bulb Farm
This is where I get my quince fix. Last year I bought a jar of quince conserve to try and I loved it. So ,I was hopeful that they would have some again this year. Guess what. They did. They also had quince jelly as well as other varieties of jams and jellies. They are also have a new label and name, D Madison & Daughters. Very nice.  Check out their fabric arts too. They’re beautifully crafted.
A couple more stops I want to mention because they not only offered nice products but the money went for a good cause. They are part of the Socio-Political Community Groups I mentioned before.

The first one is Grant High School\’s Eat From The Garden project. This is a terrific program that is teaching students how to create healthy, sustainable communities. The salsa themed baskets come three sizes and range in price from $18 to $32. They also sell individual jars of salsa in Traditional and Spicy Peach flavors. I bought the Traditional Salsa. Had some on Sunday and it’s yummy. Down the way a bit was another nice product being offered for a worthy cause. The children from Pioneer Elementary School in Davis made some delightful rosemary wreaths and are selling them for $5.

The Davis Farmers’ Market is open Saturday’s from 8 AM till 1 PM. I love to go early. Sometimes I order some breakfast or I buy a special coffee and pastry then, I take a few minutes to sit and listen to some of the musical entertainment and people watch before I head out to shop. If you’re a late riser,  you’ll probably want to arrive later and shop the market first.  Then, maybe have some lunch before you head home. There are lots of choices for breakfast, lunch or just a snack so explore your options.

If you don’t have anything planned for Saturday, why not drive over to Davis and explore their Farmers’ Market. I just might see you there.


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