Did you make a resolution to eat healthier this year?

Did you make New Year’s resolution to eat healthier this year? From what I’ve read lately, many of you did. Here are a few ideas that might help help you reach your goal.

1. Shop at the Farmers’ Market –The produce I buy at the Farmers’ Market, in most cases, is picked the day before it comes to market. Sometimes it’s picked the same morning. You can always ask the person your buying from, they will know. The only time I get fresher produce is when I grow it in my own back yard. The nutritional value of produce decreases with age. Freshest = most nutritional.

2. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. – This is something I discussed last November and you can read that discussion here.

3. When you do buy produce at the grocery store look for produce that is local. Some markets do have local produce. If you’re not sure if your market does, ask the produce manager.

4. Plant a garden. Winter is a hard month to start this, but think ahead to spring. I have a very small back yard and have planted green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, chard and herbs in pots on my patio. Look for seed varieties that are especially for small gardens or pots. Renee\’s Garden has a nice selection. If space isn’t a concern, Renee’s also has an incredible selection of heirloom vegetable seeds. The website also has lots of good information and some yummy recipes.

5. Make healthy choices when you eat out. When you eat out you can still find healthy, fresh food. In fact, many restaurants buy from some of the same farmers that have CSA programs and sell at Farmers’ Markets.

Eat fresh local foods

By choosing to eat lower on the food chain, and focusing on local and organic produce, you will not only enjoy fresh, tasty food, you can help curb global warming and air pollution and avoid toxic pesticides, and that should make all of us healthier in 2010.

See you at the market this weekend!


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