Sacramento Farmers’ Market – Paige Tangerine – They’re Sunny Delicious!

Tangerines, like the Minneola and Clementine taste good. But, have you ever tasted a Paige tangerine? Well until last Sunday neither had I. If you haven’t, you are missing one of winters’ little treasures. These beauties are bursting with flavor. I’ll definitely be buying more this weekend.

Did you know: Tangerines have been cultivated for over 3,000 years in China, Japan, and Djibouti. They were also high in concentration in present day Burma. They did not reach Europe and North America, however, until the nineteenth century. The name tangerine comes from Tangier, Morocco, a port from which the first tangerines were shipped to Europe. Tangerines have been found in many shapes and sizes, from that as small as a small walnut, to larger than an average orange. You can find out other interesting facts here at Wickipedia.

This is my kitchen where I photograph the foods that I highlight on my blog. That’s my new assistant, Chica, in the background. She’s really not much help. More of a critic than anything. The plate in the foreground is the aftermath of the sweet lime/Paige tangerine photo shoot. You see, that’s the best thing about photographing food. You get to eat it.


3 thoughts on “Sacramento Farmers’ Market – Paige Tangerine – They’re Sunny Delicious!

    • Yes, I do. I love photographing natural things “up-close” and always have so this transition to photographing food has been very natural for me. Like you and your illustrations.

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