Are You Still Using Plastic Bags?

Last year I decided that I would buy some reusable produce bags to use during my weekly foray to the Farmers’ Market. I bought several styles and use them every week.  While the bags I bought are not  as neat looking as the ones highlighted here, they function very well and best of all I’m not using the plastic bags I loth so much.


In the hope that I can motivate some of you to switch from plastic to reusable cloth here’s the source for these really nice looking reusable produce bags. They are from Bite, sustainable food storage systems. The bags are not only good looking, they are ultra-light, durable, machine washable and made in the USA. Click on the “Buy The Bags” link for descriptions and pricing.

You can also check out my previous post regarding reusable produce bags here. You’ll find links to the sites where I purchased the bags I use there.

If you’re one of the many shoppers who now take your own reusable bags to the grocery store, please carry that idea one step further by carrying some reusable produce bags too. You’ll be doing the environment a big favor.


One thought on “Are You Still Using Plastic Bags?

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