Homemade Herbal Lemonade (via Straight from the Farm)

Wish I had found this last weekend when the weather got up into the 90s. For all of you folks out there who are experiencing the same, here’s a wonderful post on making Homemade Herbal Lemonade. Thanks to Straight from the Farm for this timely post.

Homemade Herbal Lemonade The heat is on, woowhee!   Really, it's the humidity that's pumping here in Philly right now.  I was wringing my clothes out this morning in the garden.   Still, a quick chug out of my icy jug of Homemade Herbal Lemonade was so cool and delicious that I was able to keep at the weeding for five whole hours!   Well, I did take a break to pick some blueberries and raspberries somewhere in the middle there…recipes to come for those.  In any case, t … Read More

via Straight from the Farm


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