Of Note: Farmers’ Market Accessories (via TinyPants — tiny pants. big ideas.)

Look at these really cool Farmers Market accessories Allie, found on Etsy. I love the personalized market bag. What a great gift idea. And, if you’ve read my blog before you know how I feel about reusable produce bags. The ones featured here look like they’d be great. You can find my other posts on that subject here and here.

Allie wirtes the blog Tiny Pants and is a wedding photographer, all-around theatre gal, crafter and mummy(her words). She lives in Toronto and loves going to the Farmers’ Market. Thanks for the great post Allie!

For those of you who may not be familiar with Etsy it is a web site that features hand crafted items and always has some incredible products.

Of Note: Farmers’ Market I am in love with Farmers’ Markets, but the most popular one in Toronto is a bit picked over by the time we can make it there after walking baby and dog on a Saturday morning. Luckily, Toronto has an open-almost-7-days-a-week-market so we people with dogs and babies can get fresh produce without having to drag our asses out of bed super-duper early on a Saturday. And we have other farmers’ markets around, but correct me if I’m wrong—you sh … Read More

via TinyPants — tiny pants. big ideas.


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