“What’s in the Fridge?” Salad.

Today is our second day of 100+ temperatures. Last week it was the 80s so we really haven’t had time to adjust to days in the 100s. Truth is, I never adjust to that kind of heat. The only good thing about hot days is the mornings. I love puttering in my garden or sometimes just enjoy sitting in my swing drinking coffee and watching the birds on their morning quest for seeds or nectar. It’s definitely my favorite time of day during the summer months.

My appetite and energy related to cooking takes a nosedive during the heat (I consider heat any temperature over 90). So today when I was hungry but didn’t want to heat up the kitchen by cooking I decided to make one of my “What’s in the fridge?” salads. I like this salad because it’s light, refreshing and uses up of all kinds of veggies. It’s also a good place to use leftover chicken or chunks of cheese. If I have leftover cooked bacon that’s a definite addition.  It’s literally what ever I have on hand in the fridge, hence the name.

Today’s mix included sliced Crimini mushrooms, shredded carrot and summer squash (from my garden), sugar snap peas, sliced at a diagonal into 1/2″ pieces, spinach, chard, radicchio leaves torn into bite size pieces  and a mix of baby lettuce leaves. I chop and shred the veggies, holding the leafy veggies and meat cheese, etc aside and place it all in a bowl. Then I toss the mix with a nice vinaigrette (I make my own using 6T olive oil, 3 T red wine vinegar, 1 t Dijon mustard and one crushed garlic clove), then add the chicken, bacon or cheese (today a very nice crumbly Gorgonzola) and toss again. I always add the leaf veggies last and toss the whole mixture just before serving. If you want to expand beyond the fridge for ingredients you might check your cupboards for croutons or toasted sunflower or pumpkin seeds. They are all nice additions. Be creative and just use what you have.

Annie’s Asian Slaw is another favorite hot weather meal of mine. You can find the recipe for that one here.

The forecast says the weather should start to cool down after tomorrow. I hope so! Meanwhile, I’ll be heading to the fridge for ice cold peppermint tea and salad ingredients.


4 thoughts on ““What’s in the Fridge?” Salad.

  1. 100 degrees? That’s way to hot to cook! The salad looks like the answer and this one looks particularly delicious.

    In this part of inland New England we typically get a handful of hot and humid days in the summer. This year it has averaged 7 degrees below normal and its been exceedingly rainy, but things change fast!

    • We typically have a few days of 100 then it cools back down into the 90s but we don’t have the humidity you do. I’ve experienced humidity during the summer back east and it’s very uncomfortable. I’d rather have the”dry” heat if I’m going to have any. Tomorrow’s forecast is for rain and temps in the 70s then by the 4th it will be back up into the hundreds. WEIRD, WEIRD weather for California. Looks like I’ll be enjoying lots of salads this weekend.

  2. We eat more salads when it’s hot, too, and they start out the same way that yours did. Potato salad is another favorite, although the potatoes have to be cooked. Our forecast for Tuesday is in the 90’s too, although you wouldn’t think so: it was 38 last night.

    • You know I don’t mind the heat as much during the day when the nights cool off, although 38 is a tad bit colder than I’d probably like. I do like the mountain weather though, unpredictable as it is. Think I’ll get some spuds this weekend at the market and try a potato salad. Haven’t had one in quite a while. Thanks for the suggestion.

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