National Farmers Market Week

August 7 – 13, 2011

The Secretary of Agriculture of the United States of America has proclaimed this week National Farmers Market Week.

If you’re interested in the proclamation’s formal wording. you can read it in it’s entirety on  the official USDA website,  2011 National Farmers Market Week Proclamation). There is also a great link to the National Farmers Market Search Engine and lots other links with data on Farmers Markets. But, information and data won’t inspire you like walking through and shopping at a local Farmers Market will.  Celebrate fresh and local fruits and veggies this week, visit a Farmers Market near you. You just may find out why visiting and shopping Farmers Markets is one of my favorite things to do whether I’m here at home or traveling.

If you’re looking for motivation beyond the need to shop for produce, here are a couple of past articles highlighting some of the markets I have visited while traveling. These articles will give you an idea of the diversity of Farmers Markets and why they are so much fun.

Astoria Sunday Market
Occidental Bohemian Farmers Market
Placerville Farmers Market
Kauai Sunshine Markets
Ocean Beach Farmers Market
Capay Valley Regional Farmers Market
Widnsor Farmers Market

If you don’t have time or desire to go to a Farmers Market why not have your fresh produce delivered to your door. You can find out more about Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) here.

Support local farmers and ranchers, buy direct!


9 thoughts on “National Farmers Market Week

  1. Annie: I try and buy local produce. Our farmers market is over in Dallas. There is a fine grocery store that includes a lot of produce that I buy in Fort Worth. I support local farmers as much as I can.

    • There are always tradeoffs. I live at an elevation that is barely above sea level and have access to local produce year round, that’s true. But, to enjoy the kind of scenery that surrounds you, I have to drive for over an hour. It would be nice if we could have it all but somehow it just doesn’t work that way. At least if it does, I sure haven’t figured it out.

      • The Indians who were native to the area around Phoenix had a solution that worked for them: two homes, one in the low desert for winter and another at a much higher elevation for summer. That has always had a lot of appeal to me!

  2. Although we grow most of our own vegetables we support local farmers by buying local whenever we are in a market. Now if they could only find a way to grow avocados in New England!

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