Carson Farmers Market, Carson City, Nevada

My sister and I found the Carson Farmers Market, quite by accident, while traveling through Carson City on our way north to Reno. It is located at 3rd & Curry Streets and is open Saturday, from 8:30 until 1:30. There’s lots of shade, plenty of parking and some of the nicest people you will meet anywhere.

The first place we stopped was Lattin Farms. They have a really nice farm in Fallon. I know they grow incredible tasting cantaloupe so we stopped to see if we could pick one up. Since we were at the market late in the day they were sold out of the cantaloupe so we decided to try a melon called “Arava”.  It’s not a true cantaloupe but a cantaloupe honeydew cross, an early producing Galia hybrid that does well in growing seasons that are too cool or short for most melon production. Perfect for the short growing season in northern Nevada and where it originated in 1970, Israel.

The Galia-Arava is very aromatic and the flavor is more like a honeydew than a cantaloupe. It was juicy, sweet and tasty. You may be able to find this variety if your area has a short growing season. It’s definitely worth a try.

Another great find was Basque Chorizo from Butler Meats. After tasting a sample we deiced to buy some to have with our breakfast on Sunday. It’s not too hot, not too spicy, definitely just right. I wish we had bought two packages so I could have taken one back to California with me.

A definite stop on your market wander should be Carson City Confections. Especially if you like really good chocolate. We tried several creative  goodies and finally decided on the Ginger O’Snap (with fresh ginger) and Lemon Cream (with cashews and lemon zest). Sorry no photo, we ate them before I thought about photographing them. Obviously, they were very yummy!

This is a wonderful little market with lots of fresh local choices for produce and products. I’ll definitely stop by again.

Nevada Farmers Market resources:

Carson Farmers Market

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6 thoughts on “Carson Farmers Market, Carson City, Nevada

  1. Does that melon ever look good! We relish them here because we get good ones only during the short growing season here (the imported ones are not very good). We got five different kinds from a local grower this year and they were wonderful!

    • Isn’t it great that local growers try out different varieties to see what they can get to grow in their area. I try that here in my own little garden. Sometimes I find a real winner (the Ichiban eggplant is a good example) and sometimes it’s just an OK idea. I tried a melon this year called Ananas, an heirloom seed that was also grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson. I hope he had better luck than I am having. So far I’m not too impressed. There are 3 melons on the vine, none ripe or even close. It may become a blog item later if one ever ripens. I’m glad you’ve had good melons this summer. They can truly be wonderful!

    • It’s good to hear from you Bill. I’m glad your on the mend. The melon was good but the sausages heavenly and the chocolate sinfully delicious. This market doesn’t run year round so I’m glad that some of the things we purchased we will still be able to get during the fall and winter months. We also met a rancher there, who raises buffalo locally and are looking into getting some from him. Buffalo burgers are the best! I have a couple more markets I visited that I want to write about but work is getting in the way right now. It will ease up now that school has started.

    • Farmer’s markets really have taken off in popularity but there is a large number of them that are only seasonal, happening during the summer months. I look forward to the day when people can find local produce all year round. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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