from the article in the New York Times – 36 Hours in Sacramento

36 Hours in Sacramento-from The New York Times


10 a.m.

It may be stuck under a freeway overpass, but the Sunday Certified Farmers’ Market(Eighth and W Streets; is a country-fresh way to start your day. Open year round from 8 a.m. to noon, the market offers a bounty of white pomegranates, Asian pears, fragrant persimmons, harvested honey, farm-fresh eggs, cut flowers and just-caught fish. It feels like a festive street fair, with nothing but delicious foods.

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36 Hours in Sacramento-from The New York Times

Davis Farmers Market 10/24/09

This past Saturday sister #2 and I headed out early to the Davis Farmers Market. Our mission, Pilar’s pork tamales for breakfast.  We have been enjoying this little delicacy for many years and the best thing about them, outside of them just being the best tamale’s ever,  is that they have remained consistent in quality over a very long time. These beauties are moist and succulent and the sauce that she offers as a topping is definitely, in our opinion, the “icing on the cake”. The other tamale selections are good too, as is the breakfast burrito, but our favorite is the pork. Once we had satisfied our tamale craving we did a slow cruz  through the market to see what we could find to incorporate into the lunch we had packed to take up to the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge ( index.cfm?id=81619 ). We decided on some crisp red flame and  very sweet Thompson seedless grapes, an individual size flourless chocolate cake and a little pumpkin pie slice. We also picked up two very nice small sized (just enough for one person) butternut squash from Good Humus ( ) and some Peony starts from Diane Madison of Yolo Bulb Farm ( yolo_bulb_farm ). I also had a nice conversation with Diane regarding some quince I have been experimenting with. She said hers aren’t ripe yet but that she will be putting some up and will have them at the market probably middle of next month. I tried some last year and they were so good. Just  smashed the pieces in their syrup, warmed it up, and served it over vanilla ice cream. Adding a sprinkling of toasted sliced almonds adds a nice crunch. Simple and very yummy.

Davis Farmers Market ( is open all year round. Check them out some Saturday morning between 8 and 1 and be sure to enjoy a tamale or breakfast burrito while your there.