6 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Thanks for the NYT pumpkin pie recipe. My old standard and favorite and since I’ve moved and don’t have the falling apart cookbook anymore, I especially thank you the day before Thanksgiving for the old familiar looking page!

  2. In your information regarding the market in Astoria, you wrote that it is a half hour from Portland. It is actually AN HOUR AND A HALF on highway 30…wonderful drive but 3 times longer than reported. Just thought tourists might want to know this! Great article btw!

  3. Where can we find to buy Ichiban eggplant in reno, as our plants have slowed down producing right now with this wheather in reno.,

    • You could probably use any Japanese style eggplant. If your local farmers market or markets in your area don’t have any you could try using the globe eggplant sliced thick. My eggplant has also stopped producing. It’s just that time of the year, a little too cool.

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